Is Inflation Defeated?
Bull or Bear, Who Will Dance in 2023? And the Big Picture - Governments in Debt Spirals and the Possible Way Out for Prudent Low Time Preference…
Coca Cola and Obesity in Mexico, Ramifications of Chinese Lockdowns, The Depth of the FTX & Alameda Disaster, Global Population Growth, the Buffett…
Mexico and the Mayas, Crazy Stuff in the Cryptoverse, the CAPE Ratio - and - Is the Zombie Apokalypse Ahead of Us!?
The Energy Crisis in Europe Is Getting Worse
European Energy Crisis, A look at the U.S. Stock Market and Some Basic Understanding of ETFs
Recession, Inflation, Abenomics and the US Dollar Milkshake Theory
All Markets in Turmoil - The Global Economy on the Verge of (or Already in) a Recession
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